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Red Bull Mobile Energizers are fun, outgoing & friendly bunch of girls who goes around energizing practically anyone who is tired & in need of an energy boost! We go around places and events in order to Energize & Educate the public on Red Bull's functionality & benefits! Of course, we have LOADS of FUN along the way, meeting new people at new places around Malaysia.. And we'd like to share our experiences here ;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introducing >>>>> Kota Bharu New ME's

Hi all, i'm here to introducing our Kaybee, Kelate NEW ME's.

First, introducing our Smiley Eva(Left) and

Second goes to our Sexy Efa(Right)~

(Wwow, just noticed both of our ME's also start with alphabet 'E'!!! ^^)

So, next time when you saw our Red Bull Vitara around, please remember to press your honk~ (But, do remember, safety come first~)

That's all for today new ME's introducing, i'm going to recruit for more ME's in Kelantan~

Anyway, Stay tune with us~



Sweet Virly
- Kelantan ME's Team

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