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Red Bull Mobile Energizers are fun, outgoing & friendly bunch of girls who goes around energizing practically anyone who is tired & in need of an energy boost! We go around places and events in order to Energize & Educate the public on Red Bull's functionality & benefits! Of course, we have LOADS of FUN along the way, meeting new people at new places around Malaysia.. And we'd like to share our experiences here ;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introducing >>>>> Kota Bharu New ME's

Hi all, i'm here to introducing our Kaybee, Kelate NEW ME's.

First, introducing our Smiley Eva(Left) and

Second goes to our Sexy Efa(Right)~

(Wwow, just noticed both of our ME's also start with alphabet 'E'!!! ^^)

So, next time when you saw our Red Bull Vitara around, please remember to press your honk~ (But, do remember, safety come first~)

That's all for today new ME's introducing, i'm going to recruit for more ME's in Kelantan~

Anyway, Stay tune with us~



Sweet Virly
- Kelantan ME's Team

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ironman (Audition) 2011

Hello^^...Before I continue any further, I would like to say that I'm the new member ''Yih Lin'' who had just joined in Team Angel^^and this is the first time I write the blog and at the same time this job is also the first job for me^^haha...thanks for giving me the chance. I'm glad that I can joined in this group and get the opportunity to conduct the sampling with other members from the team. ^^

My first Sampling is with Siw Hua, and also Siaw Hui which is the volunteers^^lolx. The first Sampling Event for me was the ''Ironman(Audition)2011'' on 14/5 (saturday) at waterfront. That day is extremely torridity!! We are driving under the hot sun !! I'm still not quite familiar with the handling of our little 'Billy'.........

As soon we reached, we saw many participants were doing preparation for the competition. Before they start, we go and sample them with Red Bull. Wooooo.....all of them are very STRONG!! lolx! This is why the audition is called IRONMAN......Are you one of them? Ironman as we have seen in the movie are capable of anything. So the theme is there. The participants joining in must be prepared to anything bound on them. Of cos, if they want to have more energy, then they must drink our "REDBULL" before start their activity^^haha!! Some of them preferred the Less Sugar since Original might be a little too sweet for them......lol!! But we drink it not for the taste, but for its function^^haha! Cannot talk much to them, cos all they are busy doing their competition..^^

Let the picture do the talking then. ^^

this is the photo of all of the participants in this event, they are taking the Red Bull on their hand^^see...all of them are strong enough.

One of the obstacle they are bound to encounter where they are carrying the heavy wood, see who can finish it on the shorter time.

Patiently waiting for another participants.

Two of them are carrying the heavy wood! The right one is winning.......=p

This is throwing a sandbag and it looks heavy! They are measured on how far is the distance thrown by the participants.

A Bag of sand.

Doing sampling to the press members apart the participants.......^^

Me and Siw Hua are sampling the Red Bull drink to the participants.^^

At the end, I like this job much^^it is definitely a Challenge and also Fun^^but I'm still not so familiar with some of the member in Team Angel^^so sad!!haha..^^hope I can get more active into to this group^^haha..=D Thanks all~


Yih Lin


Siaw Hui (Uploading Photo)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~~DBKU Climbathon~~ 30th April 2011

Buenos~ Aloha~ Moshi Moshi~ Anneyeseyo~ Hello~

To all our colleagues and friends,

Here we are again Team Angel back to rumble you guys with our blog. Apparently, it wasn't a good day for me since I had to work over the weekends even on Labour's Day. So were the other colleagues.

This pic was taken during our site seeing on the 22nd April 2011. We had a group photo together with the DBKU team.

However, I shall assume it is a great start of the day for me during that weekends. Well guess what? I woke up around 3am in the morning and so were my other colleagues. We need to reach the office by 4am to start lodging all the stocks and necessary other things into my 'Big own Car' as well our 'Little Billy'.
It was so so dark on that day and we had to wake up the security to open up the gate for us to go in. They were astonished to see us going to the office so early while they are still sleeping soundly.
We took off around 5am and went straight to Santubong. It was still dark during that time. We tried to search for some food before heading straight to Santubong but ended up in disappointment because no one is selling 'Buns' that early in the morning.
The girls drove behind me because they are blur about the direction. We reached there around 6am. It was still dark and there are tiny rains during the day.

The time when we reached there.

The DBKU staffs were lending us a hand to set up the Arch before the reaching of all the participants.

The time around 6.30am after they start setting up our 'Arch'.

After the setting up, we headed straight to the Mount Santubong area. That shall be their second obstacle where all the participants will be required to climb up to a marked area and take their coupon as a prove of reaching till the marked area. However, there are certain participants who didn't even climbed up to the marked area.

We managed to sample the members of the Organizers before they headed off for their climbing till the top. They were so happy we are there. Thanks to RED BULL!!!!!

The members started off their journey after drinking our Red Bull......

We started setting up our own things such as chilling out the stocks RBB while waiting for the participants taking off from the Damai Beach Santubong as their starting point.

The locations where we parked our cars along the straight one way road.

Back at the starting point, the participants all gathered before the organizer blow the whistle.

From there, after all the participants had reached the climbing point, we headed back to the starting point to energize them after a 8km run to the ending point.

The overall event was a success and we had a tiring day though a short day of sampling only.
We had an awesome day there.

I guess that's all for now. Remember to catch up with our upcoming blogs.

Adios~~ Chao....

Broadcasting from Kuching.
Michelle Toh

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Battle Of The Band"

Hellooooooo again! we're BACK again bringin you BATTLE OF THE BAND that was held at Tun Jugah. This battle potrayed mostly rock songs. Some were really nice and everyone was havin fun as they jump along with the music being played!

these were the pass given to me(cheryl) and siaw hui.....look carefully! our redbull logo is there ^-^ HoSt for the event from cats fm and guess what? they talk really fast @-@

siaw hui bzzz sampling some of the band members.

this was one of the band , and they sound pretty good!

Prizes! TROPHIES! HAMPERS! VOUCHERS! it's really worth the battle!

Above all, there were lots of ppl and the band had definitely ROCK the whole Tun Jugah's buildin! notice ppl sittin on the floor? WELL that's all we BrinG to you this time :) so, STAY TUNED!


Siaw Hui & Cheryl


Sunday, April 17, 2011

~~Upcoming Election~~

Dear All,

Here we are again back in the blog. This time we actually targeted at the Newpaper & Media Company at the beginning of the month since we know all the journalist, reporters, editors might be getting very busy due to the upcoming election.
The worse is those who need to work till midnight in order to get updated news and on the other hand, the ones that's working in the production area. They will have to work over the midnight to ensure that the Newspapers are readily printed the next morning to be sent out.

Wow~~Tough right those job? Do you think we can handle it? I mean like their Primary Source News. I think we can only get the Secondary Source News since I am not good in that. Hahahaha.

Well, when I wrote this blog, I felt myself like a journalist who are writing the news. Hahahahaha. Imagination or Dreaming is also part of the route to success. Well, I can't verify that though.

Well, let the picture do the talking shall we?

~Cheryl is sampling some of the staffs from the Advertisement Department, Production Department & as well the News Department.

Sing Chew Jit Poh

We never expected that the management from the Sing Chew Jit Poh are so friendly. The girls actually came out in the Newspaper. Cool right? However, sadly the girls didn't took much any of the photos. =(

Well, apart from that, we actually went to The Stars Publications too. But we didn't manage to take any of the photos since everyone in the office during that time were so busy with their work.

So, ladies, have you registered yourself as a legal voters already? Though the State Election is over already, but we have our upcoming Federal Election. Don't waste your rights to vote.

I guess that's all from here now. P/s: I don't even have the opportunity to vote in the State Election due to late registration. Hahahahaha. Well, I am eligible for the upcoming Election.

Broadcasting from:
Michelle Toh


Saturday, April 2, 2011

~Level Up Fitness Open Day~

~HeLlO.............Everyone...........Here we are again. I know. I know. Just right after the Thursday exercise, I actually had the great opportunity to attend the Level Up Fitness Open Day in respect for their extension of the space as well a lot of newer equipments for the new members as well the existing members.
Wow!!! It is definitely so so big and larger space for the members which are increasing.

The public crowd sitting consisting of Media & Press members, members as well the public who are interested in joining in.
Michelle: It is really cool man. I am thinking of joining in since I like all the classes they are providing. Classes such as 'Poco Poco', 'Parkour', 'Aerobic Dance', 'Yoga', 'AeroCombat', and etc. I can't list all since I can't remember all. Lol...........

Here, we can see our honored owner of this Fitness Club. Presenting 'Kenny Sia'.

Michelle & Cheryl: Elsie, your adored Kenny Sia. He is so smart today. Hahahahaha. He actually knows we are taking his photo. Lol..........
Cheryl: Yealor. This Michelle asked me to do such things. LOL!!~~
Michelle: Nvm mar. He is our main character, right Elsie?

The members presenting their exercise. It is the 'AeroCombat'. It is really cool. I can't deny it.

Cheryl doing the sampling to the members as well the public. They are very excited to see us in fact and of course welcoming.

We managed to sample the members who were there for the Workout. Overall was awesome since I have not only enjoyed the view there, but also meet up with one of my lecturer back in Form 5. He was also there for the Workout. One word to define........A.W.E.S.O.M.E.....................Hahahahaha.

Adios~~~ Fellas................See you all soon. Very Soon. Hahahahaha

Signing off from Kuching:

Senamrobik @ KWSP ( EPF)

Dearest All,

It has been a while since the last blog. I bet all of you have not heard from our Team Kuching for quite a while. We had finally settled with our Mini Billy and overall condition are satisfying. Thanks to the mechanics who had recovered 'Billy' into more healthier car.

Like 'Billy', we are having this healthy activities too from the EPF management side on Thursday 31st March 2011 . We are basically invited by the KWSP Regional Manager to their 'Senamrobik'.

We arrived there around 5pm and were welcomed by Encik Rashid in charge of organizing this Exercise from the Operation Department. He lead us to the room where they are bound to have their exercise. PS: Before starting, we actually had a chance to try out their equipments such as treadmill provided to them in a gymnasium room. Wow.........What a privileged to them.

As soon all the staffs arrived, we started the 'Senamrobik'. Hahahaha. The exciting is that we joined in the exercise too. Hahahaha. See that 'Cheryl'? She is so good in the exercise. We had the exercise which in other is known as 'Aerobic Dance'. Songs such as 'Wonder Girls - Nobody', 'Shakira - Waka Waka' are one of our favourites though cause we actually feel like we are dancing for real in the group. LOL.........

Cheryl: Don't laugh at me, TBJ. I am at least better than you. You are getting old. Aching all over your body, am I right?

Michelle: Lol............Yea right. Don't make fun of me anymore. In fact, I really had leg muscle pain as well my biceps and triceps are aching. Hahahahaha.

Cheryl: Told you. Hahahaha. Of course you are aching cause you really exercise so hard like as if you want to fight. Hahahahaha

Michelle: Bluek!!! I love exercising. So what? Hahahaha. Okok.. That's enough.

I guess that all we had. We really had fun even just for such a short time with all the KWSP staffs. They are so thankful for our presence.

That's all for now.

This is MICHELLE & CHERYL here
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